Working Out But Not Losing Weight

Health and wellness/weightloss is 80% what you eat – 10% hormones – 10% exercise?  Mild to light exercise oxygenates the body protecting it against toxic overload.  Simple movements like 30 minutes of brisk walking increases the oxygen content of your blood helping to remove build up that accumulates in, on, and around your arteries.

Moderate to heavy exercise makes you hungry; which could lead to weight gain if you don’t have a proper meal plan.

Here are a few simple steps  I use to Boost the metabolism without going to the gym

💃 Drink 16 ounces of lemon water upon waking.

💃Drink green tea instead of coffee. Spice your tea up with cinnamon

💃drink the energy booster on the back of the Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar bottle

💃Add some  kick to your food with spices  like black pepper, cayenne, turmeric, red pepper flakes

💃 Eat every 3 hours (a healthy snack or small meal)

💃Get up & move around every hour for at least 10 -15 minutes

💃Eat protein and fiber

💃Eat raw fruit and vegetables daily whether salad or green smoothie

I’m so excited about getting a jump in the holidays. DO YOU KNOW ANYONE WHO WANTS TO LOSE WEIGHT INSTEAD OF GAIN OVER THE HOLIDAYS?

Sure you do!

Remember  Permanent weightloss  is 80% of what you eat!  Message me if you want to get fitter and not fatter for the holidays.  As your coach you will receive

Daily  inspiration

Personalized program

Meal plan guide


private consultations

Personalized support – Your  wellness goals are my business.

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