HIDDEN SUGAR IN FOOD! 11 Items You Don’t Even Think About


There are things that you might eat that have sugar in them and you might not be aware of that fact when you are eating them.  Hidden sugar, hidden carbs.

The 11 Items That Have Hidden Sugar:

1.  SUGAR:  The natural fructose sugar found in fruits and vegetables and lactose sugar in milk and dairy is part of a healthful diet. The problem lies with processed foods packed with high amounts of sugar (namely sucrose and high fructose corn syrup).  It is not just in candy, soda and cake.  There are a lot of things that use it in the ingredients.  Look at labels before you buy.

2.  GRANOLA BARS:  These contain a lot of added sugar. Instead of a prepackaged granola bar, you could create your own trail mix with a handful of nuts, dry oatmeal or muesli, dried fruit with natural sugar, such as cranberries, and even a few…

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