Wait a minute don’t stop now!!


Whether in business or your personal life, when setting goals you are always told to write down your reasons why you are starting.
Your why should go beyond “more money” or to “lose x amount of pounds”.  A superficial goal/reason will easily unmotivate you as quickly as it motivated you. There’s a saying that goes, “your why should make you cry.”

When writing your BIG WHY, think of your past and what has brought you to:
Want to change?
What successful benefits are you experiencing or would like to experience?

When I changed my lifestyle I knew several things
✔ I didn’t want to be on synthetic medications to control my blood pressure.
✔I wanted more natural energy.
✔I loved how relaxed I would feel on vacations.  I wanted to experience a stress free, or simply put, a less stressful life.
✔I wanted to be able to enjoy outdoor outings with my children and grandchildren being actively involved.
✔I want to pass on a legacy of healthy eating on to others.

Is there a story of a mentor that motivated you?  Would you like to join me and enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle?
I  offer one on one coaching as well as seasonal eating programs.
Setting goals arent just for January.


I  want you to write down your goals and why you’re motivated to change.
Email me, if you want.
:idea:Write it down
:idea:Make it clear
:idea:Be specific
:idea:Include a person who will have an impact because of your change.
Studies show that when people include a significant other (parent, child, spouse) they were more driven to succeed. Why? Because people will do more for others sometimes than they will for themselves.

My Winter program is still available, click here for details.  Spring Eating coming soon!!! Let’s do this together, summer will be here before you know it.

Until next time,
Nicole, your health and wellness coach

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