Why Should You Listen to Your Gut?

Let’s talk about your stomach.  We are always taking about getting rid of the muffin top, spare tire but let’s talk about what’s going on inside of the gut.  The stomach is known as your second brain.  That’s why you hear people say, “Listen to your gut”.

Most of your health issues, can be managed when you pay attention to what goes into your stomach.  So many times we focus on the outer appearance of our bodies when we need to take an interest on the inside.  Getting rid of that gut may be easier than those dreaded sit-ups.  Let’s start with getting some balance.  When you learn how to eat in a way that helps your digestion system to function properly you will notice weight loss happens without a whole lot of effort.  You will also notice better skin and reduced stomach issues.

If your immune system is compromised from a lack of good bacteria then you may want to add in more good bacteria.  We all need a healthy gut if we want optimal health and sustained weight loss.  Eating this way will help you to remove the bloating and gain your sexy 😉

Did you know that your liver gets 70 percent of its blood flow from your intestines, so it’s natural they would share more than just oxygenated blood. It is believed that the transfer of gut bacteria to the liver could be responsible for chronic(non-alcohol related) liver disease.

Try one of these recipes.  They are great if you know you haven’t been taking a probiotic and want to add some good bacteria while removing the bad bacteria.

Ingredients:  1/2 cup of unsweetened coconut milk – 1/2 cup coconut milk kefir –  1 orange (peeled) –  1 carrot (peeled) –  1 tbsp. of Omega Fish Oil –  1 tbsp. chia seeds
1 tsp maca (optional) –  add cinnamon, sweeten with raw honey, a date or fig to sweeten.
Place all the ingredients and blend until smooth.  Depending on how you like the consistency, you may  add more coconut milk.

kombucha smoothie

Kombucha Green Tea Smoothie.

Ingredients: 16 oz chilled raw kombucha tea –  4 oz spinach – 4 oz kale
1 bananas (frozen optional) –  1 mango (frozen optional) –  1 cup pineapple (frozen optional) –  1/4 cup diced and pitted dates –  2 tablespoons coconut oil (or olive oil)
2 scoops of pea protein –  1 teaspoon macca powder –  1 cup of ice (optional)

Blend thoroughly.  This kombucha tea is a fermented tea that contains helpful bacteria and yeast.  (available on amazon or at your local health store.)

The combination of greens, fruits, and vegetable based proteins make the Probiotic Protein Green Smoothie a staple drink for the fully health-conscious active individual as well as the fitness-driven, full-tilt athlete.*


delicious salmon and asparagus

Ingredients: ¾ to 1 lb wild salmon – 2 large handfuls of asparagus – Drizzle of walnut (or olive) oil -1 Tbsp dill – 2 Tbsp balsamic vinegar – Sea salt and black pepper to taste
Remove tough ends of the asparagus. Lay two fairly large rectangles of parchment out and divide the asparagus between the two. Drizzle with oil and add sea salt black pepper. Cut the salmon fillet into two pieces and drizzle with the balsamic and then add the dill.
Place a salmon piece on each asparagus stack and add a tiny splash of oil. Roll the parchment up and fold into packages, placing on a baking sheet. Preheat the oven to 375° or if you’re making these ahead of time, keep them in the fridge until ready to eat. Place the baking sheet in the oven and set a timer for 20 minutes. Do not open the packages while they’re cooking.

Enjoy and until next time,

Take charge of your body and #OWWN it!!!

*informational sources: totaltransforamtionu and veganovercomer.com

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