How I love my Liver


People get so consumed with how they look or want to look on the outside that they forget true, lasting transformation takes place from the inside.
When I consult with my clients we do a lot of work in whats going on internally.  I take you on a #mind #body #soul journey.


Lets talk about the liver today. Take care of your liver.  Your liver helps to remove toxins from the body which leads to feeling great and promotes weightloss.

There are many ways you can enhance liver function.  Try one or all of these:
#lemonwater #castoroilpack #dandelion tea #milkthistle #burdock or you can try a supplement.  I recommend Liver Rescue 5+. You can find it at your local health food store or on amazon.

Love your body from the inside out and it will love you back.

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