_own 10 day challengeI had a blast with my family this weekend.  We enjoyed good food, drinks, family and friends over the weekend and now its time to get back on track.  This challenge will help to recharge, replenish, and renew you from feeling bloated with a lack of energy.

Stay tuned to this page each day for added tips to not only get back on track to reach your goals but to stay on track.  Feel free to share during the experience.  I have a give away for those that actively participate with comments/check ins here or on facebook

Take a look at the photo, look it over and start to prepare for the foods you need to replace.  Preparation is a key component to a healthy lifestyle.  A great quote by Benjamin Franklin is, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Preparation helps to prevent sabotage while you are out and about whether you’re at work or at the mall.  If you need to clear out that pantry, take some time and do it today.

Looking forward to your success.

Nicole – OnlineWellnessWithNicole

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It’s your body O.W.W.N. it

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