Adding this simple thing to your day can help flatten your tummy

Online Wellness With Nicole

Clean Eating Challenge, Day 3. Have you ever eaten foods that just doesn’t digest properly?  You know the ones that leave you feeling bloated, and sluggish. Besides getting up and going for a walk, an easy way to flush fat is to drink more water.  We all know we need it. Some of us are able to drink enough throughout the day and the rest of us have to set reminders.

If water is too boring for you, try infusing your water with fruit. There are all types of gadgets sold to help infuse your water. When I started adding fruit to my water, it was just drop the fruit in a pitcher and go. I still do it the same way today. Let’s add some tasty water to our day and improve our digestion and decrease the belly bloat. Drink yourself skinny and flatten your belly with these drinks. Not only will you…

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