Clean Eating Travel Tips

Summer time means travel. No one wants to fall of course because of the weekend or a trip. I’ve had a few request for eating clean while away from home. Today I will share a few of my practices.

I always pack light snacks & something to drink. Water or a chilled tea.
Click here for snack ideas. I make my own mixed nuts (raw, unsalted). They really keep my appetite in check.


When ordering always include a salad, dressing on the side. Try balsamic or ask if they have vinegar and oil. Salsa or pico de gallo makes a nice addition to salad, as well as a squeeze of lemon juice.

When dining out, if possible, check the menu ahead of time.  Don’t be embarrassed to walk into a restaurant and ask for a menu so you can make a good choice.  If it doesn’t suit you, leave.


Don’t skip meals. Continue to eat meals, snacks, and drink water.

Limit your alcohol intake. Watch the mixed drinks they are loaded with sugars.

Go to the fitness center or the pool. Get your exercise in early before it gets crowded.

Have fun but get your rest.

Include a free day. Vacations are fun, don’t stress it. If you fall off get back up.

I hope these tidbits help.  For more transformational tips click here.

Until next time, remember
It’s your body, #owwn it
Your certified holistic health coach.

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