Natural is the buzz these days. Natural hair, eat natural products, and my favorite going for a walk, run, jog or hike in a natural environment.

Going for a walk in natural environments are very healing/soothing. Whether at a park or nature trail a nature walk is a great full body exercise for the body, mind and the soul.


  1. Walking helps to:
  2. Decrease Stress
  3. Boost your mood
  4. Spark your creativity
  5. Helps you to sleep better
  6. Speed up your metabolism

If you find yourself eating because you need a mood change ask yourself are you ~  Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired or just plain bored?

halt owwn

Going for a 20 minute plus walk may be the change you need that can help.  Instead of mindlessly eating, go for a walk and walk off the pounds.  If you find that you are hungry, then enjoy a plant based food selection before you give in to a craving that you will soon regret.

A plant based lifestyle (not vegan) will allow your body to tap into it’s natural resources giving you what your body needs, naturally. Increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables will help to reduce inflammation such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.  A major benefit of eating nutrient dense foods is you will be provided nutrients that will help the body to enter into an alkaline state and promote self-healing.

When you were a child if you fell and scraped your knee, your body would grow a scab to protect the skin while it healed itself.  No one told your body to develop a scab, it did it naturally; similar to plants, when parts of plants break off they reproduce/regenerate that broken piece.

If we would get back to nature we will find that we can help our bodies naturally without synthetic drugs, or over-eating. 

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Until next time, remember

It’s Your Body, OWWN it


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