We’re In The Last Quarter – Are you Still In The Game

Can you believe we are in the last quarter of the year! It is time to do whatever it takes to close out the year STRONG!!

Plant Based Health CoachNicole Nunez (2)We spend the beginning of the year setting goals; and although we may not accomplish all of them, the MOTIVATION and ACTION to get them accomplished is where the lesson is and where the results are formed.

Everything starts with a VISION or your passion, some people call it a BURNING DESIRE.

Remember, you have the power to change your life!   Every day is a new start, a new beginning.  Let’s end the year strong.  You are in control of what happens today.

Start dreaming about a thriving business, healthy, strong, body, and watch it become your reality. I encourage you to revisit your goals, write them down with a due date, tap into the support system, and turn your dreams into your reality.

Let’s finish the year STRONG!  Starting November 1st, I am going doing my mind, body, soul detox.  I would love for you to do it with me too.  If you need to clear the brain fog, flatten that belly, remove that spare tire, muffin top or just want to get some of the toxins of life out of your system then this is for you.

nourish your mind body soul

I love using the process of elimination.  As a health coach I have people that want to remove 10 years of bad habits overnight. They want to go cold turkey with everything.  I say, let’s take this one step at a time to create a lifetime of results.  You will find that removing certain foods for a limited time will get you where you want to be and later you can start adding them back into your routine. I recommend finding alternatives for bread, dairy, eggs, white pasta, white flour products, red meat, processed foods, sugars, carbonated drinks. These will sabotage your weight loss/wellness goals.

During this time we will create new daily habits to replace old ones.  Inspire and motive each other to stay on track.  You will be surprised at how easy it can be when you have the proper support. When you have a health coach, a trained accountability partner you will develop a system that is for YOU.

If you would like to take part in my personal 1 on 1 program feel free to click here for more information.  If you want a more do it yourself with a group click here.

You will receive the support you need to reach your goal, learn about detoxing, clean eating, how to remove yo-yo dieting from your life and develop a lifestyle of healthy living.  The confidence you gain will impact areas of your life you haven’t thought of.

I look forward to your transformation.  See you soon,

 Nicole your online wellness coach,

Remember, It’s Your Body OWWN IT!!  Stop by and like my facebook page (*_*)

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