Gratitude Day 8 – 30 Days of Thankfulness

I’m a grateful for being able to turn what looks like a disadvantage into an advantage.  Do you allow things that seem as though they should depress you to bring you down or do you use them to fuel you, to ignite a fire inside of you and move your forward?

Your outcome is all in your perception.  You’ve heard the old sayings, your thoughts become your beliefs as well as your thoughts are things.

If you think you can_onilnewellnesswithnicole_blog_photo

When you are going through something focus on the positive outcome.  I know its hard sometimes, but celebrate the success, the victory IN ADVANCE! Surround yourself around people, pictures, things that motivate you.  Listen to things that empower you.

Take small steps every day that will move you forward.  These small steps every day will add up over time.  Stop looking back…. you’re not going that way.  🙂  Looking back is used after you have made it so you can give thanks for how far you’ve come, as a reminder of where you don’t want to be, as motivation.  Looking back is not to sit in a pity party.

When my body was full of pain and inflammation I decided to get out of my situation.  I would walk down the street just a few houses every day.  After walking down the street only a few houses, I was able to make it to the corner, then around the block, then a mile, then a 5k every day!

I don’t know your situation but you can overcome it if you really want to.  Change starts with your mind followed by action.

I don’t have a lot of photos when I was at a painful phase of my life.  I was embarrassed, depressed and just wanted to be alone.  My friend asked me to take a photo and this is the only 1 I have when I had to use a walker.


I am thankful for filling my body with foods as close to nature as possible, for being able to get up and move every day even if only for a few minutes.   For tips on how to get started on transforming your body from the inside out click here

I would love to hear from you, you can email me at or comment.

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