Are You Consistent Enough

Day 9 – 30 of Thankfulness I’m glad I made a commitment to myself and my family to take care of myself everyday so I can take care of them. This commitment has trained my mind to get up with a positive mind, to exercise and to eat foods that fuel my body.

How committed are you to your goals? You said you want certain outcomes,  you have dreams, but what are you doing to achieve them?

Commit to being consistent. Start with something easy.  If eating healthy is your goal, start incorporating a green smoothie or a meal replacement beverage into your day. If you don’t like those eat a salad with lunch and dinner.

Get up and move a few extra minutes a day. I had a client (who is a nurse) tell me she gets plenty of exercise, because she walks 5 miles a day at work. What she doesn’t realize is that her body is used to that and it has become comfortable. She needs to do something extra like 10 minutes of H.I.I.T. moves, or an extra mile with intensity.


Small changes over time will yield you big results. You don’t have to try everything at once.  Cold turkey can be overwhelming and set you up for failure.

Commit to staying away from fast food, whether you walk in or drive. I always tell my clients, if it’s from a drive-thru, it’s not for you.


Write down a few things you can change. Post it up where you can see it. Finally, take action.

Nicole , your healthy transition partner

P.S. I have a 21 day private challenge group starting. If you are looking for meal suggestions, fitness, support, motivation and access to a certified health coach then look no further. Contact me at for more details

Post your commitment use hash tag#itsyourbodyowwnit 

I look forward to your success

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