Let Your Light Shine

Day 23 ~ 30 Days of Thankfulness

Im so happy and thankful that I don’t mind giving a person a compliment, or a word of encouragement.  Some people think it takes away from themselves when they do this and in actuality it doesn’t.  This is another form of giving. Giving when looking from a poverty mindset will force you to hold onto things so tight that you aren’t able to receive.

Look at your hands. Hold them out in front of you, turn them over now hold them palms up. Now make a fist, hold it tight. Now imagine it starts to rain. You can’t cover your face because your fist are so tight.

Now imagine it’s raining money, not coins but dollars,  not just  $1 bills but hundreds. The only people that can get these bills are the ones who gave because their hands are now open to receive.  This works when we open our minds to new concepts and ideas as well.

Randy Gage says if you aren’t re-inventing yourself,  you are regressing. Every day is a day to do something different and better than yesterday.

PhotoGrid_1448302739444Sow a seed of encouragement. Encourage someone today.  A simple smile can warm a person’s heart, words can do more. This world is filled with so many problems that bring people down, be part of the solution that will lift them up.  If you see someone doing something that’s positive and they’re trying; it’s okay to let them know they are on their way to greatness.

Until Next Time Remember,

Nicole #itsyourbodyowwnit 

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