10 Foods To Boost Your Metabolism

If you are looking for an extra jump start to shedding some pounds, here are a few of my favorite metabolism boosting food that will help kick-start your metabolism and taste great!


Avocados.  Not only are they yummy, but they  are packed with protein, heart-healthy fatty acids, and all 9 essential amino acids. They are also fantastic for their flexibility in various recipes to keep your diet from becoming dull.  Use as a dip or a spread.  I love to spread on toast or fill my boiled eggs with guacomole.  Delish.

Cheese, Milk, & Greek Yogurt

Finding good healthy low-fat forms of these foods are great for your metabolism. The key ingredient is calcium so for those that are lactose intolerant, try seeking out other calcium and Vitamin D rich options such as milk from seed.  Almond milk is a great alternative from animal milk; a great alternative if you are lactose intollerant.  Almond milk is a plant milk with a creamy texture and nutty taste.


Asparagus, Edamame & Spinach

Green vegetables such as asparagus, edamame, and spinach are loaded with many valuable nutrients and high in protein. Edamame especially can be a huge boost because it contains at least a small amount of every mineral the human body needs to function at a high level.

Whey Protein

Some of us enjoy using a meal replacement shake or make a shake as a pre/post workout supplement. Blend with your favorite fruit, and leafy greens and make a delicious shake/smoothie out of it.



Many think that without meat, it is impossible to boost you metabolism with protein. Tofu is a great alternative to your traditional protein-packed foods, as it contains about 12 grams of protein per 3 ounces. It is also known to be used in a variety of flavors and recipes.


Seafood and shellfish such as salmon and tuna can be an excellent metabolism kick starter and also helps our body in other areas. Similar to avocados, seafood contains very healthy fatty acids/omega 3 nutrients.

delicious salmon and asparagus


Another extremely useful food that can stimulate your metabolism are eggs. Eggs are high protein heavy not to mention a quick and easy addition to your daily diet. You can eat the yolk or leave it out, the choice is yours.


brown eggsLean Beef, Poultry and Pork

While not all of us may be huge fans of consuming tons of meat, finding ways to add these protein-filled foods can make a big difference in your metabolism levels. It is important to seek out the leanest possible option of these meats and a small amount can go a long way. Look for antibiotic free, cage free, free range meat sources.

Goji, Chia, Hemp & Flax Seeds

Goji, Chia, Hemp & Flax seeds

Goji, chia, hemp, and flax seeds are powerful super foods that can be added to smoothies, salads or yogurts to enhance your metabolism. These awesome seeds contain 8 of the 9 essential amino acids that build muscle also.

If some of these are new to you, try adding 1 every couple of days or 1 a week.  Keep it easy, keep it simple, keep it fun.

Nicole (HAHA) your Happy And Healthy Agent

Certified Health, Wellness, & Fitness Coach.

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