Easy Ways To Find Time To Workout

I hear it so many times, I don’t have time to workout.  When you break it down a 60 minute workout is 4% of your day, so that means a 30 minute workout is just 2% of your day.

I get it, I’m a wife, mother of 5, I take care of my brother and I work from home.  Some days there just doesn’t seem to be enough time, that’s when you have to “make” time.

Focus on the BENEFIT of working out rather than the workout itself.  Try writing down what and how getting fit will benefit you.  Its like the saying, “when you change how you look at things, the things you look at will change.”

Here are a few tips to get you started.

AM Workouts

Try to complete your workouts first thing in the morning. Not only will morning workouts jumpstart your metabolism to help you get through the day, it may be the only quiet time you have. For most parents, there is simply too much to get done after work.

Lunch Workouts

If early morning workouts are not your thing, try to get a workout in during your lunch break. If you work close to a gym try going during your lunch. Or, start a walking group that walks for 15 to 30 minutes each day during lunch. Not only will this help you stay accountable but it helps to break up the monotony of the typical work day.

Schedule Your Workout – Write It Down

Yes, schedule it! Integrate your workout into your daily routine and let the family know that this appointment is set and it is a priority.

Choose a Beachbody Program

It’s one thing to find the motivation and commit to a work out. It’s another thing to find the motivation to figure out what to do for a workout. This is the beauty of following a Beachbody workout program. Not only are they effective, they take the guess-work out of planning a routine and most are only 30 minutes.

Family Time

As a parent, let’s face it, it is hard to find “alone time”. But who says you need alone time to work out? You can turn workouts into an opportunity to not only teach your children the importance of living an active and healthy lifestyle but it can be used as a good bonding time as well.    G

Family Time

Play Time

Take your kids to the park or playground and walk briskly around the swing sets while they play. Take a walk or run briskly while pushing a stroller. Enjoy bike rides, or dancing.  You will be modeling healthy behavior for your kids too.

Break It Up

You can work out in between commercials, while the kids are eating, napping, playing, or you can break up your workouts into 10 minute increments throughout the day.  Beachbody has a great slim in 6 or 10 minute trainer program.

Time Audit

Keep track of how you’re spending your time and figure out which activities you could eliminate time from in order to use that wasted time and put it towards a workout. (An example would be auditing the time spend on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.)

Use What You Have

While not making it to the gym or a spin class is a convenient excuse, the truth is, you don’t need special fitness equipment or a gym membership to work out. A simple set of weights, a chair, or your own body weight can be used to workout.

Get Creative

Add exercise to your day in small ways: take the stairs instead of the elevator, do isometrics at your desk, walk to nearby errands instead of driving, or park farther away from the store and walk.

Be Flexible

Don’t beat yourself up if you slip up from time to time. Falling off the wagon is not an excuse to quit or give up. In most cases, it took years to develop the bad eating and exercise habits– they will not go away overnight.

Be Flexible

Don’t Go It Alone

Like anything else it is a process. Don’t go it alone. Find a partner or support group to help you stay on track and hold you accountable. Beachbody provides you with an entire community that is committed to providing encouragement, motivation and support to help you achieve success.

Meal Prep

Meal planning is key to getting fit. Meal prep will help you eat healthier, save time, save money, and give you peace of mind of knowing what is for dinner.  Click HERE for some recipes

Meal Prepration

Drink Water

Some studies suggest that drinking your body weight in ounces of water can speed your metabolism up by 30%! Drinking water early in the morning will tremendously boost your fat burning potential.

Let Me Be Your Coach

You may not know exactly where to start so find someone who is on the same journey as you are and get some help. As your Beachbody Coach I will give you the tools, resources, and guidance you need to reach your desired goals.

A healthy diet and regular exercise is the most effective way to lose the weight and keep it off. When you are a parent it can be easy to get sucked into crash diets or supplement schemes where you might be tempted to try to take the fast, but not always healthy road.

Unfortunately over the years we can pick up poor habits and poor excuses along the way. Don’t allow being a parent to provide you with more excuses why not to exercise; let that be your reason to exercise!

By committing to become active for only a few hours each week you can be on your way to a healthier lifestyle. Best of all, you can include your family. NO EXCUSES – it has to become a habit –one that the whole family can participate in.
Now that you have scheduled working out into your daily routine, you have committed to a workout plan to follow, and you are incorporating your family into your routines there is one more thing…
You are an awesome parent to the best children, don’t forget that! So be the person that you want them to be and love and enjoy every minute of the life you have. It is easy to get busy and put yourself on the back burner but remember it is just important to take care of yourself as it is to take care of the family.

Be Amazing

I look forward to your success,

As always, Your Change Agent

Certified Holistic Coach,


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