Bitter is Better….?

So the other day was peach cobbler day and I totally forgot. I used to love me some cobbler. I still do ~ a taste and I’m good.  You see once you really, really make a change, your taste buds your cravings change. 

One trick I use to get rid of my desire to eat sweets is to eat #bitterfoods Now I’ve never been big on candy but baked goods were a different story. 

Did  you know the more bitter foods you eat the less sweets you crave.

What are bitter foods?  I’m glad you asked.


Yep that’s right, enjoy delicious kale, spring mix salads, or grapefruit sprinkled with cinnamon, how about a piece of dark chocolate. 
Bitter foods are great detoxifiers. While they decrease your appetite for sweets they increase your desire to enjoy nutrient dense foods. 
Bitter foods are great for the digestive system.  Close your eyes and picture a lemon.  A nice bright yellow  juicy lemon.  When you peel the lemon you get that citrus burst, you know its a good one.  As the smell emanates, and you anticipate the taste, your mouth begins to water. Feel the saliva as it begins to formulate in your mouth, now taste the lemon, your mouth tightens and you swallow that extra saliva to help tame that bitter/sour taste.  You see when you eat bitter foods, such as a lemon your body creates more saliva which is the first step of the digestive process.  

Grab a bag of spring mix filled with baby kale, arugula, dandelion, spinach and radicchio talk about power. 
You cleanse your blood, liver, get all kind of vitamins and minerals like calcium and magnesium oh and a bit of an energy boost.

Here’s a list of some bitter foods and herbs that aren’t listed above:

Bitter melon – Nettles – dill – Sesame – Horseradish – Watercress – Parsley – Radish – Milk thistle – aloe – Japanese eggplant – Gentian – Cilantro – Turmeric – Fenugreek seeds – Basil – Green tea – red wine

If you’re looking to kick sugar to the curb click here so you can say goodbye to sugar, dairy, and gluten with little to no effort.   I’ll supply you with easy to follow meal plans, and daily tips sent to your inbox to make it easy as possible for you. So easy and delicious you’ll forget you’re cleansing your system.


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