Number 1 Reason Why You’re Not Losing Weight

superfoodsAre you incorporating a rest/self care day into your goals and plans?

I know you’re addicted to over achieving, working out for hours and the drive is great but it can also work against you.  How? #cortisol

Cortisol is created to replenish your body, but after long periods of stress, it can have an adverse effect which leads to fatigue, inflammation, and weight gain. All that over doing it sends a mixed message of flight or flight to the body.
For example:  While you may think running for hours is good your body thinks you’re running from something.  Same with that feeling of meeting a deadline, it sends a message of panic to the adrenal and releases more what?…cortisol.

Elevated levels of cortisol contributes to:

Weight gain, compromised immune system, mood swings, exhaustion/fatigue, skin breakouts, high blood pressure and more.

  • You can get your hormones in balance by incorporating more superfoods into your day.  Nutrient adaptogens that go in and listen to your body that can decrease cortisol naturally.   Add this amazing superfood filled drink into your day aling with some easy to do daily activities and you will feel amaxinh and see results.
  • Learn to take your 2 breaks a day to relax your mind
  • Get away from your work environment for 10-15 minutes
  • Take a real day off and allow your body to recover.  Your future self will Thank you.

Until next time, take care and take charge


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