Avoid Skin Breakouts

I know you know the  importance of a good skin care routine. But what happens when you think you’re doing everything right like washing your face before bed, religiously applying sunscreen, investing in every advanced formula cleanser — and you’re still breaking out?

Before you toss all your beauty products, let’s do a quick check on your habits. Your skin care issues may come from a few things that you may be missing.   Dr. Sonam Yadav, a cosmetic dermatologist, walks us through the most common facial flubs you may be committing.


11 Surprising Reasons Why Your Skin Is Breaking Out

1. You Use Too Many Hair Products

“Dandruff or a build-up of hairstyling products can spill over to the forehead and clog pores, causing acne, especially on those with longer frontal hair and bangs,” says Yadav. To prevent these types of breakouts, Yadav recommends avoiding heavy products like gels and keeping your scalp as clean as possible.

2. You Talk on the Phone a Lot

“Mobile phones are a constant source of bacteria,” says Yadav. Anyone who’s ever seen the greasy film of makeup left on your screen after a five-minute phone call knows she speaks the truth.

It’s crucial to clean your phone with an antibacterial wipe every day and to wash your hands frequently to limit the transfer of dirt and bacteria. (And don’t even get us started on people who talk on their phones in the bathroom. Just no.)

3. You Touch Your Face Frequently

My dad was a stickler about us touching our faces with dirty hands.  From scratching your head, to touching door knobs, and handrails to simply rubbing your temples; whatever your situation, touching your face too frequently is the fastest way to spread germs to your face and clog your pores.

There are two easy solutions to this.  First: Stop touching your face. Second: If you absolutely have to touch your face, make sure you wash your hands.

4. You Don’t Change Your Pillowcase

Just like the phone scenario, your pillowcase can contain a lot of bacteria. Even if you wash your face every night before you lay your precious head down, the natural oils from your skin and hair  (not to mention dust and dirt from the air) can accumulate on your pillowcase and build up over time.

Pillowcases must be changed frequently.  Make sure to wash them or change them every two to three days.

5. You Cleanse Too Aggressively

You might think vigorous scrubbing leads to a more thorough cleanse, but it could be doing more damage to your skin than you realize, especially to sensitive areas like your nose.

Beyond lessening your scrubbing intensity, Yadav also recommends avoiding facial extractions and using a mild soap-free cleanser.


6. You Eat a Lot of Dairy and Processed Sugar

A bad diet ~ high in dairy and processed sugar can sometimes affect acne which leads to hormonal changes and imbalances.

Acne on the jawline is also a common symptom of hormonal disorders like PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). If you’ve dealt with PCOS or severe hormone imbalances, your diet could play a significant role in either exacerbating or lessening side effects like acne.

To combat breakouts, drink plenty of water and swap out dairy, sugar, and refined carbs with leafy greens and whole grains.

7. You Don’t Shower Right After You Work Out

I know you want to enjoy the burn and let the sweat roll, but taking your sweet time to freshen up after a workout could be causing major problems for your skin, particularly on your chest, shoulders, and back.  According to Dr. Yadav, the “entrapment of sweat on skin” after a workout causes dirt and oil to build up and to no surprise, again will  clog your pores.

The solution? “A shower at the end of a workout with a benzoyl peroxide wash,” says Yadav.

8. You Skip Moisturizing

“People with oily, acne-prone skin often fail to moisturize,” says Yadav. It’s easy to assume too much oil causes breakouts, when in fact it’s usually the opposite. “Excessive cleansing removes natural skin oils, causing rebound dryness that actually triggers or worsens acne,” says Yadav.

Set of decorative cosmetic.

9. You Wear the Wrong Makeup

Makeup that’s too thick or heavy can clog your pores. Steer clear of creamy or solid foundations and look for mineral makeup instead. Yadav also recommends scanning labels for non-comedogenic products, which are specifically designed not to clog your pores.

And take your cosmetic labels with a grain (or many) of salt: You probably have a few products in your medicine cabinet that claim to be “hypoallergenic.” Don’t be fooled — there’s no federal standard or definition for what is hypoallergenic, so it’s basically a marketing claim. And whatever you do, definitely don’t share makeup or use store “testers” without a fresh, new applicator.

10. You Use Wet Wipes or Alcohol-based Toners

It’s tempting to remove makeup residue and sweat with a face wipe or cotton ball soaked in toner, but these alcohol-based products don’t do your skin any favors. In fact, they strip your skin of natural oils, which causes dryness and leads to breakouts.

11. You Seldom or Never Clean Your Makeup Brushes

When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? Think about all the airborne toxins, dirt, oil, pet fur, and dust that builds up and get or gets attached to your makeup brushes and sponges.

Now think about what happens when you don’t clean them and put them on your face. Eeeek. Yep that’s right, every time you use them without cleaning. Be sure to clean all your beauty tools — brushes, sponges, etc. — a few times a week. You can keep it simple, you don’t need fancy cleansers. Simply use warm water and a gentle soap; allow them to dry.


reference: beachbody.com

3 Reasons to Use Essential Oils

Essential oils  have been used in medicine practices for centuries and have been said to have multiple uses when it comes to the healing process within the body. For us, we typically just think of them as something that smells pretty good. But these powerful plant extracts can aid in our journey to become more fit and help us to stay in shape. Many essential oils can now be found at your local supermarket. They are also easily made at home with a few ingredients if you would like a new DIY project to try. Creating your own essential oils and aromas can be a fun project and are a great holiday gift for friends, co-workers, and family. Please remember these oils can be very potent when not diluted so make sure you follow all directions on labels or consult a physician before placing directly on your skin. Some of the benefits of using essential oils call for it to be massaged into sore areas, but in some cases where it is not used correctly can cause a skin irritation.

The main essential oils to be on the lookout for are:

  • Peppermint
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Lavender

Peppermint is a wonderful essential oil that can help curb our appetite when used properly. While it is a strong smell and maybe not for everyone, smelling a small amount of peppermint oil throughout the day and before meals can help the body feel fuller, thus helping us from overeating. This can be extremely beneficial at the beginning of a lifestyle change. Most who have started 21 Day Fix feel the amount of food consumed is still close to what they were eating before just in smaller portions and more frequently throughout the day. Smelling peppermint before your meal will help in the adjustment and allow your body to get acquainted to a new eating routine.

PeppermintWorkouts can be tough! They are constructed to be easily repeated and help get you into a routine of doing them on a daily basis. Compared to most exercise routines with free weights and hard joint pounding when running on pavement, Beachbody programs are effective and easier on the body. That doesn’t mean muscles will not be sore and tired after your workout.

Tea tree oils (or melaluca) are used to relieve aches and pains in muscles post workout. Remember as stated before, it is smart to make sure you have no allergies and to follow all directions before starting to add this into your daily routine. Tea tree oil can be massaged into painful sore spots such as feet, knees, shoulders, and hands. Your pains may not even be from your exercise routine. Maybe you have arthritis in your hands from work that is preventing you from even starting an exercise program. Tea tree could help get you on the right track.

tea treeWe have all been told many times that sleep is one of the biggest ingredients in the process of leading a healthier lifestyle. Well I am here to tell you again! With the daily regimen of working a job, stresses and responsibilities of everyday life, and starting/sticking with an exercise routine….the body needs to shut down and refuel properly. Lavender oils can be calming helping us fall asleep faster and remain in a deep sleep longer. Low energy levels are one of the largest components of someone getting off track and skipping a day in their fitness routine. After a poor night of sleep and then a long day of work, it is easy to come up with excuses as to why you are too tired to work out. By ensuring that your body is properly recharged, you wake up feeling refreshed and energized allowing yourself to do all the things you need to accomplish. And that includes exercise!


Incorporate essential oils into your life today.  Essential oils can be used for a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications. They can be used as single essential oils or in complex essential oil blends depending on user experience and desired benefit



We love the joys of summer but not the annoying pests that come with it.  Have you ever gone to the park, the beach, or in your back yard and end up in a swat fest?!  Well hopefully these tips will help.

bugs_ants_world_picnic_ephoto courtesy of seppo.net/Google

Pest Control: Keeping Insects Away

Summertime can be an open invitation for creepy crawlers to nest in your cool, air-conditioned home.
If you’ve got an insect problem, or you’re looking to prevent one, you’ll need to consider how to the keep bugs at bay while protecting your family from pesticide exposure.
Preventative measures are often pesticide-free. There‘s the obvious—wipe down kitchen surfaces and take out the trash. Then there’s the not-so-obvious:

1. Fix leaky faucets, as all living creatures need water to survive.
2. Install screens on windows, drains, doors, etc., to block openings where pests may enter.
3. Also, don’t stack a woodpile against the house, as it will likely draw wood-boring pests into your home.
I always suggest using natural resources to get rid of pest, Here are a few natural solutions:
1. Kill Ants and Spiders with Vinegar and water.  Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and apply to any area where spiders or ants nest.  The vinegar contains acetic acid which is believed to burn and kill spiders on contact.  you can also place dishes of vinegar in corners to prevent spiders from nesting.  The odor alone repels them.
2. Gnats and Fruit Flies. Pour 1/2 cup of raw unfiltered warm apple cider vinegar into a glass jar, add a few drops of liquid dish soap and stir well.  cover the top of the jar with plastic wrap, poke the plastic with a toothpick to make holes for the flies to enter (or you can leave uncovered), the gnats and fruit flies will dive in.
3. Repel Mosquitos with plants or essential oils. Lemon thyme, lavender, lemon balm, basil, lemongrass, catnip, rosemary, garlic and marigolds.

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you may have to use pesticides to deal with an existing infestation.  If so, take care to use them properly and in the right quantity.
The Environmental Protection Agency recommends researching the appropriate pesticide, reading the label carefully, using the right amount as directed, and storing/disposing of pesticide properly.

Visit http://www.epa.gov/pesticides/ for more information.

Enjoy the outdoors, protect yourself with natural resources first.

Until Next Time,

Nicole – your healthy living change agent 🙂

Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach


10 Tips For A Good Night’s Rest

 why-americans-rarely-get-enough-sleep     Do you find yourself tossing and turning until you just decide to turn on the television hoping that will put you to sleep only to find that you’ve watched an entire movie?  If that’s you, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that as many as 70 million Americans suffer from sleep deprivation!    We have so much on our minds.  We load our days with so much to do that we feel there isn’t enough time in a day and we end up compromising our sleep hours.  Time hasn’t changed or sped up, our lives have.

Let’s slow down a bit and make getting some sleep a priority.  When you put sleep on your to-do list, you will be surprised at what happens.  Plan for it by making your bed creating an inviting space. Clear the clutter.  Your bedroom is not your office, add some candles and spray some lavender oils/linen spray that encourage sleep.   It may take a few days, maybe a few weeks before you see some results but don’t give up.

As I said make sleep a priority, set the stage.  Create a bed time, yes plan a time that you will go to your room.  While in your room prepare for a good rest with the tips below:

Here is a list of a few 10 things you can try to help improve your sleep: 

1. Set the stage make your room dark by closing the blinds/curtains.

2. No electronics or social media at least 30 – 60 minutes before bed.

3.  Turn off or remove electronics (except for your alarm clock).

4. Eliminate/reduce caffeine, chocolate and alcohol (these increase urination and can cause restless sleep).

5. Don’t go to bed will a full tummy.  Eat dinner 3-4 hours before bedtime.

6. Drink a calming tea like Chamomile in the evening.

8. Make sure your bedroom is at a comfortable temperature

9. Take a soothing Epsom salt bath or a hot shower before you retire for the night.

10. Play some soft  relaxing music, nature sounds, or white noise at bed time (you can find loads on YouTube)  to help you wind down.


1.Try meditation,  Yoga, or Tai Chi or stretching at night is a great way to unload stress.

2. Let go of the day by writing in your journal to release your worries

3. Create a to-do list for the next day.  This helps us to know that we will take care of it first thing upon waking.  (don’t take it as an excuse to procrastinate).

4. Reading as well as exercise can make you sleepy or stimulate your mind.  If it makes you sleepy go for it, if not get it done a few hours before bedtime.

Note: If these simple solutions don’t work for you, check with your doctor to see if they can find the cause of your insomnia.  Hopefully these natural solutions will help.

Until Next Time,

Nicole 🙂

Let Your Light Shine

Day 23 ~ 30 Days of Thankfulness

Im so happy and thankful that I don’t mind giving a person a compliment, or a word of encouragement.  Some people think it takes away from themselves when they do this and in actuality it doesn’t.  This is another form of giving. Giving when looking from a poverty mindset will force you to hold onto things so tight that you aren’t able to receive.

Look at your hands. Hold them out in front of you, turn them over now hold them palms up. Now make a fist, hold it tight. Now imagine it starts to rain. You can’t cover your face because your fist are so tight.

Now imagine it’s raining money, not coins but dollars,  not just  $1 bills but hundreds. The only people that can get these bills are the ones who gave because their hands are now open to receive.  This works when we open our minds to new concepts and ideas as well.

Randy Gage says if you aren’t re-inventing yourself,  you are regressing. Every day is a day to do something different and better than yesterday.

PhotoGrid_1448302739444Sow a seed of encouragement. Encourage someone today.  A simple smile can warm a person’s heart, words can do more. This world is filled with so many problems that bring people down, be part of the solution that will lift them up.  If you see someone doing something that’s positive and they’re trying; it’s okay to let them know they are on their way to greatness.

Until Next Time Remember,

Nicole #itsyourbodyowwnit 

Are Your Actions Able to Move Mountains?

Day 17 – 30 Days of Thankfulness  Why I am so happy and unafraid to A.S.K.

Have you ever noticed that kids especially toddlers love to ask for things over and over again until they wear you down and you eventually say Yes.  Yes what is it.  Sometimes you don’t know what you’re saying yes to lol 🙂  When it comes to your goals that’s how you need to be.  You need to keep going after those goals with childlike intensity.

How can you receive if you don’t ask?

Ask for what you want and be precise. Take some time to write down the desires of your heart.  Write the vision and make it plain

Seek the knowledge, the coach, the guidance, the information you need to get that which you desire.  When the student is ready, the teacher appears.  This is so true.  You attract what you think about.

Knock by reaching out, take the leap, the class, the course.  When you pay the door is opened.  Payment doesn’t always mean cash.  You can pay with time, with testimonies, when you interact, refer and recommend.

Don’t give up!!! You have to be persistent.  Its like being on a social media feed, so much is going on you probably missed it. Not now, no response is not a NO.  Keep pushing until you get a NO.

No doesn’t have to be looked at as negative.  Remember, your next yes is behind that no.  Getting a no means you are actually working.  Go through your no responses until you develop a ratio to a yes.  you may have to hear 9 no’s until you get 1 yes.

Persistency builds you.  The more you do this the better you will become.

So remember to A.S.K. and Stay Persistent. Quitters never win and winners never quit.