Day 14 – 30 Days of Thankfulness

I am so happy and grateful to get out of my way and grow. This month I have been challenged to get out of my comfort zone and post photos/videos of my journey.  While this was a stretch for me I have been able to inspire, motivate and encourage others.

Today one of my virtual mentors reached out because of a video and for that, I am grateful.

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Thank you in advance.

Day 5 ~ 30 Days of Thankfulness

Hello.  Although Thanksgiving is 3 weeks away I decided not to wait to be thankful.  I have been participating in a 30 days of Thankfulness challenge where every day you take time to give thanks for something in your life.

Today I want to give thanks for family meals at the dinner table.  This morning with all the hustle and bustle we found ourselves eating breakfast at the table.  It was so nice to gather and fellowship with each other before heading out.

You always hear people talking about eating dinner at the table, but it really doesn’t matter what meal it is.¬† Take some time, if not every day, a few days out the week and eat a family meal….together .¬† Enjoy more than the food, enjoy one another.

Family eating dinner together

 courtesy of Living well magazine

Let me know what you are thankful for.  Join me in the challenge.  Post a photo on social media and use the hashtag #30daysofthanksgiving

Lose Weight With This Fat Burning Fruit

We are getting ready for a Clean Eating Challenge this month where I will share tips that helped me to lose weight without exercising.¬† Now don’t get me wrong I love exercising but there was a time when I could barely move and I knew I had to transform my body from the inside out. Click here to take part in the Challenge.¬†¬† This month I will be sharing small sustainable tips that can help you not just temporarily lose weight but to keep the weight off.¬† Besides when you lose something you usually go back and look for it and we are not trying to look for the weight we lost we want to get rid of it ūüėȬ† We will be eating more fruits and vegetables of course along with other delicious foods.¬† Here is one of my favorite fruits that helps to keep off the pounds.

Cherries always remind me of being a kid.  I remember climbing in our neighbors tress and picking cherries.  Oh my goodness they taste so delicious.  I remember it like yesterday.  Spring time is a great time to enjoy some delicious cherries.  We just ate them because they were good not realizing how good they are for you.

Did you know a cup of cherries are less than 100 calories and packed with 3 grams of fiber.  You can cook with cherries, eat them as they are, or juice them. Cherries are low on the glycemic index with a score of 22.   Here are a few benefits you can reap when eating cherries:

Cherries automatically make you slow down and enjoy them because you don’t want to swallow the pit.¬† Yes slowing down to actually chew and taste your food helps you to lose weight.

Cherries are a great anti-inflammatory food, they help fight free radical cells, help you to sleep better, they are good for your eyes and much more.

Benefits of Cherries

Choose your snacks wisely and Remember, you are what you eat.

Until next time,

Nicole – It’s Your Body, #OWWN it! #OnlineWellnessWithNicole

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