Holiday Meal Swaps

There are a lot of holiday dinners from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. Studies show that the average person gains 7 to 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas, WOW! It’s cool to spend time with family and friends making memories, but you do not to give up on the goals you have been working on. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to be a hermit, you just need to know how to modify your meals. While you are making lifestyle changes, know that your meals can taste great and be even healthier if you swap out old standbys for some healthy recipes.

Here are a few to get you on the right track.

French Onion Dip

Appetizers are often the first course of the evening. Consider veggies instead of chips!


You don’t need to miss them or smother them with butter. Here are two great additions to the menu.

Green Beans with Lemon and ThymeRosemary Roasted Yams

Mashed potatoes can have a substitute with Roasted Cauliflower Mash!

Can’t forget the gravy! Try this Simple Gravy

Nothing says the holidays more than sweet potato pie and pumpkin pie. These recipes will be excellent additions to your meals.

Pecan and Sweet Potato Pie

Pumpkin Pie with Walnut Crust

Consider these alternatives. You may have some new favorites and some requests for your recipes.

Try adding a bit of healthy eating during the holidays as much as possible!  Remember it’s not what you do every now and then that causes adverse effects, its the daily malpractice.  So enjoy in moderation.

Until next time,

Nicole, your healthy lifestyle partner.

I have a confession about meal prepping.

Like anyone else I have those days when I just don’t want to be in the kitchen, but there are those days when I get in there I cook more than one meal at a time.  You hear a lot about meal prep Monday, but meal prep can be any day you have the energy.

Meal prep is preparing more than one meal at a time, for whatever reason.  You can prepare 2 or more meals at a time.  Do what suits you.  If your space isn’t adequate for a week’s worth of prep, then shoot for 2 days at a time, or simply prepare you smoothie ingredients or your snacks.  The key is to have something ready for you to grab.  Prepping food allows you to stay on track without giving in to boxed or bagged foods that are always a little too convenient.

My confession about meal prepping is although I package my foods, I don’t eat them in the same containers.  Why?  Because I never liked the taste of microwave food (even when its my own).  I also don’t like the idea of plastic chemicals easing their way into my food.  If you store your food in plastic containers, make sure that they are BPA Free containers.

Meal prep made easy

I usually cook ground turkey or chicken.  I season my meat by adding my no-salt spices, onions, garlic, peppers (dried or fresh) and start cooking.  I clean, de-skin and season my chicken as well.  Sometimes depending on my mood I will take time the day before and marinate my meat.  Last week I had lemon pepper chicken breast using fresh lemon juice instead of store bought seasoning, I also made a taco inspired seasoning using chili powder, paprika, dried onions, a little cayenne pepper and cumin.

While the meats is cooking I also start a few veggies such as broccoli, green beans, or a zucchini, squash medley, if time permits I may sauté some greens as well.  Greens don’t take as long as they did when I was a kid.  My mom would go through an all day process.  We would pick the greens wash the greens and boil them what seems like all day.  Now you can buy the greens already picked, clean them and cook them to a point where they are tender but you have not boiled out all the nutrients.

My family loves brown rice.  I get my rice going in my rice maker and I may make quinoa or couscous as well.

While everything is cooking I get my fridge ready as well as my containers.

When my chicken has cooled off I cut it for salad or dice it into bite sized pieces. Sometimes I place everything in a meal type of container and most times I keep everything separate. When I keep the items separate it allows me some flexibility.

I do my salad the same way.  I chop tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and pack them in separate containers so its ready to go.

In the mornings I usually have a smoothie (click here for more ideas)

Snack is fruit and nuts

Lunch is usually a salad with grilled chicken

Snack 2 is sometimes another smoothie or a small garden salad, or veggies and hummus or peanut butter

Dinner one of my meals.

This works great because it makes me feel organized and my family as well as myself have something that’s ready to go.  Although I heat most of my meals up on the stove or in the oven, it is still quick and easy.

Try making food in advance for a day or so.  Let me know how it goes.

Do you want more ideas, and tips?  Go here: cropped-this-is-your-life-plan-for-success1.jpg Until Next Time, Remember

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Why you need to STOP DIETING

I have had my fair share of diets in the past, from cabbage soup to Atkins. I’m not going to say diets don’t work but I am going to say that people look at diets as temporary. They are either getting ready to start a diet or going off a diet. And just like the come and go so do the pounds.

Until I made a serious decision to change my life, then the changes were able to be permanent. Now things are totally different.

I don’t go on diets. I don’t live for cheat days.

I am happy, healthy and full of more energy now than ever before. People can see it and I get questions from people: What size are you? How much weight have you lost? Do you take supplements?

My answers are always the same. I am a size that fits me. I am a healthy weight.  I take a antioxidant multivitamin, and fish oil. I do not take stimulants, or weight loss products.  Nature is my supplement.

The thing is I wanted to do more than lose weight. I had a serious reason well reasons with a capital S… why I wanted to change my life. If you are on a healthy living quest and want to do more than lose weight then stop going on diets. I start my clients with a mental shift here are a few things that you can do today to get started.

  1. Start with Why you want to change your life.
  2. Set realistic goals
  3. Plan a non-food reward
  4. Get an accountability partner.  If you don’t have one I’m available 🙂

believe in yourself

When you look in the mirror what are you saying to yourself?  Don’t believe everything you think about yourself.  When people see you they don’t see you as you do.  Sometimes we can be our worst (inner me) aka enemy/self critic.

Speak positive, motivating words to yourself and be grateful for another day to make changes.

When you start doing this you will notice an internal shift.  I call it transforming from the inside out.  For more transformational tips click here.  If you find any of this beneficial, subscribe.

Share with me your thoughts.  If you would like for me to support you along the way for sustainable, long-term healthy living – that’s great feel free to contact me. Click here to develop your PERSONAL Transformation LYFE is Beautiful Plan today.

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