3 Top Benefits of Seasonally Eating and Why?

Fall signifies transition

Welcome to Autumn/Fall.  I love this time of year.  Fall fashion is the bomb.  You can pull out your boots, layer with nice sweaters…. the options of change are endless.

While the weather is a little cooler, you can enjoy more outdoor activities like a nice evening walk take part in a 5k, 10, half marathons as well as local state and county fairs.  Most of all I love the transition of the trees.  It’s so beautiful to watch nature do what it does.

This is the time of year when we eat less of the cooling foods of summer and transition into more warming foods.  Yes it’s time to pull out the slow cookers.  During the last quarter of the year we transition from salads to soups to help nourish and support the digestive system.


Eating seasonally is not a new trend or fad, we’ve been eating seasonally for centuries.  If you’ve grown up with a garden or still have one, you know the benefit of reaping a delicious seasonal harvest.  Foods eaten in season are so full of flavor.

Eating in season encourages people to eat more locally grown fruits and veggies which is great economically for you and the community.  When you eat foods in season you will notice that the items are priced lower during their natural harvest time because there is usually a surplus.

Food lasts longer and has more nutrients.  When your food doesn’t have to be shipped in and has less travel time, that’s a double win for you.  Your food lasts longer and has more nutrients.  Fruits and vegetables lose nutrients by the minute, literally.

One day I bought peaches from a local farmers market and left one out.  I didn’t wash it or anything.  As the day went on you could see the changes.  By day 2 the peach was moldy and oozing, it was terrible.  Now most produce that gets shipped in has been sprayed and treated with pesticides and preservatives to prevent this.  Then you’re faced with the situation of consuming these chemicals.  You can purchase more chemical products to help clean the produce but it just seems like one big vicious cycle.  I have found one that is organic that removes chemicals, waxes and dirt and it helps your produce to last longer.  You can check it out here at eat cleaner

Purchase local fruits and veggies in season, clean and store them so you can enjoy the true flavor of your food packed full of nutrients (not chemicals).

If you want to find out what foods are in season in your neck of the woods go to: sustainabletable.org They have an awesome site where you can put in your state and the month to find out what’s best to eat based on your demographics.

Stay tuned for more details  on seasonal eating.  I am preparing you for my seasonal fall detox with foods program.  If you want to detox but want to do more than drink all your meals then this is for you.  You will learn to expand your palate, eat seasonally, get rid of belly bloat, look and feel great.

Until next time, your partner in sustainable weight-loss