Make Rest Day Your Best Day

For so long I used to consider myself a high stress person.  I was driven by pressure.  Little did I know this was feeding the growing inflammation in my body.  It started to show up in the form of a migraine headache, then high blood pressure, fatigue and belly fat.  Yes that’s right stress overtime accumulates belly fat as you age due to the production of cortisol.
Now I have come to enjoy my rest day. Our body needs time to reboot and refresh.  Muscle grow and our minds are replenished on rest day.  But if we keep going and going and going like the energizer bunny we will eventually burn out.  Over the years I have learned to allow myself time to wind down and replenish.  Now it has become a part of my daily lifestyle.  A lifestyle where I have incorporated daily practices that allows me to stay in balance. 
Now don’t get me wrong every now and then I get out of balance ~ like a couple of weeks ago.  I noticed I started to have road rage lol.  It was actually kind of funny because my children would laugh at me and the things I was saying.  Although we laughed about it,  I said you know what I want to set a good example because road rage can become a serious issue; and at the same time it made me realize I was out of balance.  I had to check myself and pay attention to what was throwing me off balance and rectify the situation.  Now all is well and I am not complaining about all the crazy drivers on the road.
Do you actually take time to allow your body to rest, to reboot, refresh so it can rebuild?  If you don’t you should. 

What are you doing that causes stress on your body?

Excessive exercise
Always over thinking/planning
Over extending yourself ~ rushing from one thing to the next
Road rage
Over worked
Financial stress
Relationship stress

Things to do to allow the body to reboot:

Get some sleep
Go for a casual walk in a nature setting if possible
Light stretching
Massage therapy
Enjoy a nutrient dense meal
Read a book
Take a nice relaxing bath

Take some time to pay attention to your triggers.  Try to find 5 minutes a day to practice one of these tips to help you regain your balance and limit your stress.  Now it doesn’t mean to sit around and do nothing.  You can be productive without being stressed.


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Tired of being Tired?

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Have you changed your diet?

Are you vegan or vegetarian?

Do you get cold easily?

Do you exercise more than 5 days a week?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, you may be lacking the nutritional support you need which can possible cause a constant feeling of fatigue.  Did you know 20% of American women suffer from lack of energy due to iron deficiency?

When your body lacks iron it isn’t able to make the amount of red blood cells your body needs. This shortage leads to blood cells that shrink in size unable to provide the body with the oxygen it needs.  Lack of red blood cells leads to lack of oxygen which then leads to brain fog, fatigue and sluggish.

If you fall into this category, you may be able to correct the issue with an adjustment to your eating plan.

Most people experience fatigue if they have changed their diet removing red meat.  Red meat is high in protein and high in iron.  Step one is to eat more foods that are considered iron rich.

You may also feel tired due to a lack of Vitamin B12.  Our soil does not have the minerals and nutrients that it did 100 years ago.  Again, if you have changed your diet, you may experience the feeling of being tired because you are not receiving the essentials that your body needs.  Vegans/Vegetarians run into this issue and have to supplement.

Make sure your  body is absorbing iron by  eating and drinking foods that are rich in vitamin C when you are consuming iron rich foods.  

Vegan Sources of Iron Rich Foods Are:

Molasses, beans and legumes, peas, seeds, tofu, mushrooms, dark leafy greens, such as kale and spinach, wheat berries, rye flour, sundried tomatoes, edamame and quinoa.

Food Sources of Vitamin C Are:

Foods High in Citrus ~ strawberries, raspberries, kiwi, pineapple, jalapeno and banana peppers,  cruciferous veggies, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, red and yellow peppers, cooked kale

If you workout 5 days a week or more, you need to make sure to give your body an adequate amount of rest.  Over training can put stress on your body.  This produces cortisol which leads to belly fat and/or adrenal fatigue.  Some people will think it is bloating and try to exercise more to get rid of the bloat.  Reset your workout, get some rest.  Remember you can’t out exercise a bad diet.  Make some adjustments in your “reward” system.  A free day doesn’t have to turn into a free weekend.

Adrenal Fatigue Suggestions

Get some sleep – reduce/eliminate your caffeine intake – incorporate rest days into your routine – take a nature walk, practice some deep breathing/meditation – establish a regular bed time – exercise 30 minutes a day (don’t over-train) take time to laugh and de-stress.

Give yourself some time to adjust.  Try consuming these foods daily and see if they help.  If not, you may need to seek medical attention.

That’s all for now. Until Next Time,

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Lack of Sleep Can Stall Your Weightloss

Sleep is so important; as well as rest days being a part of your workout schedule. Your body needs rest to rebuild and replenish. During our sleeping hours is when the body rejuvenates itself.

I’ve heard people say, “I can sleep when I’m dead” or “I can get by on little to no sleep”.

While you may think that to be true, your body will eventually let you know different.

Pay attention to the signs listed in this article you too may be need of a little  shut eye.

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