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We attempt to include fitness as much as possible into our lives but let’s face it, sometimes life can get in the way. See my blog on Finding Time To Workout Instead of seeing life as holding us back from our fitness routine, try getting creative and adapting your exercise and goals around what life throws your way. Giving up because you can’t seem to find enough time is not an option. Yes, we may have more challenges than others and yes it will not always be easy, but any goal worth achieving isn’t simple.

Kill Two Birds With One Stone

Have a favorite TV series right now? How about a favorite sports team that really needs you cheering and screaming encouragement through the television set? Well instead of forcing yourself to choose between watching TV (a desirable activity) and exercising (a less desirable activity), exercise while you watch. Comparing the two activities places a negative connotation to exercise and make you less likely to stay consistent with a routine. Every commercial break you can do sets of squats, lunges, ab exercises, push ups, etc. Sporting events are longer and have timeouts mixed into the game as well, thus providing you an opportunity to still enjoy a favorite pastime while burning some calories and toning up your body.

Kill Two Birds With One Stone

Walk at Lunch

Most of our jobs give us either a half hour to hour for a lunch break. While it is important not to rush eating your food, try taking about 10 minutes before your lunch break to take a walk. Especially if you have a job that may have been stressful or involve you sitting for longer periods of time during the morning. Taking a walk can help destress nerves to allow for a more enjoyable lunch and afternoon. If you have longer lunch periods, you can add additional exercises to help improve your fitness routine and bring you closer to reaching the goals you desire. Want to change it up even more? Locate the stairs and do a series of climbs up and down.


Extra-curricular Activities

While setting aside a specific time for exercise is ideal, it may not be practical every day of our lives. Some of us may have kids, demanding jobs, pets or other responsibilities, so finding a way to incorporate our fitness routine into the other demands requires balance. If your kids are on sports teams or other activities, invest more time into them and treat that time as a workout. While at their practice, try walking around the field/court to stay active for example. You may want to invite others to join you and talk while you walk. For those of us with dogs, be involved with their exercise too. Instead of just placing them in the back yard or on a chain, you can take them for a walk or run. Your dogs will love it.


Finding a fun, engaging way to get some exercise on especially busy days takes resourcefulness. In the past you might not have been getting any exercise, but now you can help bridge the gaps of regular exercise days with creative ways!

Just a few more tips to help get you moving.

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Why You Need More Than Cardio

Whether we have recently began trying to trim our bodies down or have been on the journey for some time now, the question continues to arise. Do you burn more calories through cardio exercise or weight training exercise and which one will help us lose the most weight? While the easy, non-committal answer is it just depends on your own particular body type and your specific fitness goals, it is important to understand the benefits of each type of exercise so that you may maximize your success. Below is some very pertinent information about both weight training and cardio based exercise.

Burn Calories NOW!

Exercise sessions that focus solely around cardio activities can be very valuable. This type of exercise regimen can burn through calories in large chunks and do so fast. Cardio exercise burns more calories than weight training during the period you are exercising. So, the key to losing weight is burning more calories during your cardio than you are consuming throughout the day. One thing to keep in mind, cardio can be hard and draining on the body.  Not only that, studies show that some cardio workouts such as excessive running, treadmill, power walking, and biking can age you faster than other exercise routines.  Because cardio only burns during your session you will need to take in large amounts of good calories to be able to keep exercise levels intense.


Want to Burn Calories LONGER?

Workout routines that center around weight training can be valuable even for those of us not wishing to bulk up. Weight training can begin with you using your body weight.  Just because you are lifting weights does not mean you aren’t going to lose weight.

The benefit of weight training exercise is that it has been shown to burn calories much longer after the exercise is over compared to cardio training. So, even after you finish that last rep and hit the showers your body is still burning through calories.


Use Beachbody, Achieve Both!

Beachbody programs such as P90x, Insanity, The Master’s Hammer and Chisel and many more are designed specifically to give you the best of both worlds. They incorporate both, simple cardio exercises to get our heart rate elevated while also providing exercise sets including weight training.

Whether it be through body weight lifting techniques or low-weight high-rep exercises, your muscles will be worked hard and calories will be burned like no other exercise. Using Beachbody programs to trim your body into shape can provide you with both the benefits of quick calorie burn through cardio and also the extended burn of weight training exercise.


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