Cheese Please

In honor of Grilled Cheese Day, I thought I would write this.

Who doesn’t remember enjoying a grilled cheese sandwich, mac & cheese at Sunday dinner, or how about the blue box mac n cheese that the kids love and give me anything parmesan. I mean if you messed up a meal all you have to do is sprinkle some cheese on it and everything was well with the world.

But then there’s the person who starts to notice constipation, sniffles here and there and high cholesterol levels. You grow up and realize the blue box man n cheese didn’t even contain cheese (yikes)

Yep that was me from one phase to the next. For a while I would say I’m going to give up dairy. But who else knows once you say you’re going to give something up that’s all you think about? I listened to the stories of people saying how hard it was to give up cheese. My friend told me she could teach me how to make macaroni and tease. It just didn’t sound right so I turned that down, thanks Cherie. But the reality of it was, it wasn’t hard.

I just stopped thinking about giving up dairy. I decided to focus on my health. I changed how I was cooking and eventually the cheese was out. One day my son wanted to make a quesadilla and said, “hey mom where’s the cheese?” I replied with “We don’t have any.”  After a few gripes and a oh yeah we haven’t had cheese in a while huh, that was that and a small victory was won.

You see because of my health concerns the decision to change started. I created meal plans and dishes that didn’t include dairy, because I decided I wasn’t going to buy cheese anymore. I decided to find different meals; meals with meaning. Meals that work with your body to reverse the damage from years of recipes that we ate out of habit to be honest. And some of the bad eating was due to misleading marketing, and maybe out of emotion seeking just for comfort 😉

Shortly after that I stopped buying milk. Yep, I just didn’t buy it. The kids would ask where’s the milk and I said it’s in there. Almond milk! That’s nuts!  I’m sure they wanted to say I was nuts LOL.  They complained at first because it wasn’t the same but slowly they weren’t either. Their taste buds started to change and they felt different.

My son noticed that his seasonal allergies didn’t flare up as often. My nasal congestion had died down to little to none and my youngest son’s yearlong eczema bouts diminished.

Now don’t get me wrong when we dine out if they decide they want a quesadilla or nachos they get it. If I forget to remind the waitress no cheese on my beans or salad I just avoid it as much as possible if I’m not in the mood for having them take it back because I forgot to mention it.

Now I share my dairy free meals in my Jumpstart plans. Delicious meals that you will forget that you are cutting out dairy.

If you aren’t ready to give up cheese but want to try healthier versions click the image below for three cheese macaroni casserole or try the recipe using daiya.


If you know someone who suffers with post nasal drip, allergies, or simply want to give up dairy hit me up or share this post with them because sharing is caring.

Until Next Time My Good People,

Nicole, Your Online Health Coach/C.H.A.N.G.E. Agent


What Are You Eating!!?

When you think about the fact that what you are what you eat, you can remember the phrase, “junk in junk out”. In most cases although the food is released, it leaves a souvenir behind.  Over time one may notice constipation,  inflammation and other issues. Why? Because  the food we eat creates our blood.

you are what you eat

Our blood flows through our bodies and feeds our systems,  organs, and glands.  Your body will respond to the quality and types of food you eat.

Anti-inflammatory foods

Just a quick reminder to help you to make wise choices and enjoy the benefits of your food.  Remember:

  • Don’t be fooled by tricky marketing buzzwords: all natural often isn’t, enriched is a poor choice, and fat-free can often cost you, health-wise!
  • Find the ingredients list first! The fewer, the better: Avoid unrecognizable words, and stay away from partially hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup.
  • Then check out the serving size and nutrition facts.
  • Tip: Fiber is our friend, but sugar is not!

New week, New goals.

Until Next time,

Nicole, Your Health and Wellness Coach