Towel Workout

What equipment do you need to do a good workout? Weights, resistance bands, or weight machines all come to mind, but what if you don’t have them? You may have an excellent piece of equipment sitting in the folded laundry. No expensive equipment is needed for a tone up session with a towel.

Here are 5 exercises you can do at home with a towel!

1. Stand holding a rolled towel

Stand holding a rolled towel in front of you. Bend at the waist and tilt yourself forward while lifting your left leg behind you. Become almost parallel to the floor and row the towel toward your chest. If this is hard to balance you can tap your foot down. Do 10 reps on each leg.

2. Lie on your belly

Lie on your belly with your arms stretched out in front of you holding a towel. Lift your legs and chest and pull the towel toward you. Do repeated reps holding the towel taut. Do 10 reps.

3. Sit-ups

Sit-ups can be enhanced with the towel. Hold the towel in front of you on your chest with both hands in the sit-up position. Sit up and then raise it stretched between your hands over your knees and repeated in reps of 10.

4. Lunges can be done with the towel

Lunges can be done with the towel. Stand with your feet together and the towel in both hands with arms straight in front of you. Curl the towel as you step back with your left leg into a back lunge and repeat on your right side. Curling adds arm movement and engages more muscles. Do reps of 10 on this also.

5. Pushups and Planking

Push-ups and planking.  Fold the towel into a small square and use the towel as a slider. That way you can slide it on the floor and move the concentration from one side to the other. You can shift it from left to right during push-ups and planking. When you get time, you can try the towel under your foot during lunges.

Try them and get creative at home with some new towel exercises.  Let me know how it goes.

Until next time,

Your healthy lifestyle coach,


Why I Do This

Have you ever heard the phrase: Stress is a silent killer?  That’s because stress leads to Inflammation and Inflammation is something else, let me tell you.  Inflammation is what caused most of my problems.  “It is becoming increasingly clear that chronic  inflammation is the root cause of many serious illnesses – including heart disease, many cancers, and Alzheimer’s disease.” Dr. Weil


I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis, high blood pressure, a heart condition and later osteoarthritis.  I know I should have just said almost everything but these were all brought on by stress.  I have been told that I have a genetic tendency to arthritis.

Because I am eating anti-inflammatory foods, exercising daily and continuing to educate myself.  Thank God I have learned to decrease the pain of arthritis and reverse my high blood pressure and heart condition and my auto-immune diagnosis is in remission.   How?  With the food choices I make.  The food you eat does make all the difference in the world.  It is my passion to share what I have learned with thousands of families across the world.

My program uses primary and secondary foods to change lives.  That is acknowledging that career, family, exercise and spirituality has just as much of an effect on health as food.  That’s why I love teaching healthy ways to relieve our stress and to prevent disease.

prevent disease with nutrition

I have clients who have quit drinking alcohol every night, lost 100’s of pounds, started moving their bodies, practiced gratitude and forgiveness, went back to their spiritual practice, joined and engaged in my online communities where we support each other.

All it takes is a made up mind and just altering what you eat.  This is why I do this.  I know it can make a difference in your life.  When your children see and do what you are doing, it will change their lives too.

Wouldn’t it be nice to leave a legacy of healthy living?

What would you like to change?  What has worked for you in the past?  What has not?

For more details about my program click here

Until next time,

Nicole,  Your C.H.A.N.G.E. Agent


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Time For The Remix

If you have heard of the 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme then let me tell you about our new Remix the Fix.

Two new  30-minute, 21 Day Fix workouts that can only be streamed vial  Beachbody On Demand once you own the amazing 21 Day Fix Extreme. Plus, you’ll also get a NEW 21 Day Fix calendar that incorporates Remix the Fix workouts into your 21 Day Fix schedule.

You will get to experience Cardio Core Fix. This heart-pumping, sweat-dripping, cardio-challenging workout is comprised of eight moves that begin at your core, transitioning to your glutes, hamstrings, quads, shoulders, and arms through the ringer. It’s a full body workout.  While it is not easy, because it is suppose to challenge you, we have a modifier for you to follow as you progress.  This allows the workout to be performed at any level, so you will see the results you desire.

The second workout is titled, “Dirty Dozen”.  If you are familiar with the Dirty 30 from 21 Day Fix, then this is for you!  This workout is packed with twelve total-body moves that will have you feeling stronger and leaner in no time.  Did I mention that this workout is also a calorie burner?  Yep that’s right, this workout is so effective that your body will continue burning calories for several hours you’ve completed it.


If you are ready for some new moves to help you not only keep on losing weight but feeling tone and lean, then head on over to Beachbody On Demand for your two bonus 21 Day Fix workouts. If you don’t have Beachbody On Demand or own the 21 Day Fix program , that’s not a problem.  Just  Click here and we’ll get you all set up in no time.

Now if you want to work off the weight and tone up for the year and receive access to all of Beachbody workouts and these two new Remix the Fix workouts, you have to sign up for Beachbody On Demand! These workouts are not, nor ever will be, available on DVD. So SIGN UP NOW and start reshaping your body ASAP!

Make Rest Day Your Best Day

For so long I used to consider myself a high stress person.  I was driven by pressure.  Little did I know this was feeding the growing inflammation in my body.  It started to show up in the form of a migraine headache, then high blood pressure, fatigue and belly fat.  Yes that’s right stress overtime accumulates belly fat as you age due to the production of cortisol.
Now I have come to enjoy my rest day. Our body needs time to reboot and refresh.  Muscle grow and our minds are replenished on rest day.  But if we keep going and going and going like the energizer bunny we will eventually burn out.  Over the years I have learned to allow myself time to wind down and replenish.  Now it has become a part of my daily lifestyle.  A lifestyle where I have incorporated daily practices that allows me to stay in balance. 
Now don’t get me wrong every now and then I get out of balance ~ like a couple of weeks ago.  I noticed I started to have road rage lol.  It was actually kind of funny because my children would laugh at me and the things I was saying.  Although we laughed about it,  I said you know what I want to set a good example because road rage can become a serious issue; and at the same time it made me realize I was out of balance.  I had to check myself and pay attention to what was throwing me off balance and rectify the situation.  Now all is well and I am not complaining about all the crazy drivers on the road.
Do you actually take time to allow your body to rest, to reboot, refresh so it can rebuild?  If you don’t you should. 

What are you doing that causes stress on your body?

Excessive exercise
Always over thinking/planning
Over extending yourself ~ rushing from one thing to the next
Road rage
Over worked
Financial stress
Relationship stress

Things to do to allow the body to reboot:

Get some sleep
Go for a casual walk in a nature setting if possible
Light stretching
Massage therapy
Enjoy a nutrient dense meal
Read a book
Take a nice relaxing bath

Take some time to pay attention to your triggers.  Try to find 5 minutes a day to practice one of these tips to help you regain your balance and limit your stress.  Now it doesn’t mean to sit around and do nothing.  You can be productive without being stressed.


Until Next Time

4 Easy Money Saving Tips During The Holidays!

For many of us, the holiday season can be a stressful time and our budgets can become tighter than normal.

Finding time to workout during this busy time with all the holiday travel, holiday meals, purchasing presents for friends and family is tough.  For tips on finding time to take care of yourself, you can check out my previous blog

I don’t want you to stress about money this year.   Here are a few tips that can help save money and give your budget a new freedom.

Ditch the gym membership, Use Beachbody

How does a few extra bucks a month sound? Instead of throwing money at a gym membership that you cannot find the time to use each month, you can invest in a Beachbody program that will get you fit from the comfort of your own home.

Beachbody has a wide array of programs that are cost efficient and can give you a powerful workout day in and day out for a one-time payment.   Health is a great gift and for less than $10 a month you and your love ones can workout out together in person or virtually with our livestreaming programs.

Now save yourself some travel time, gas money, and excuses and put that former gym membership monthly fee somewhere else where it can be used more effectively during the holiday season and the rest of the year too! 😉


Use Shakeology

Shakeology can help you be more budget friendly and trim your body into shape. For an average of about $4.00 per day, which is much cheaper than just about any meal, and cheaper than a fancy drink from your local coffee shop.

You can spend less and get a healthy superfood packed shake. Saving a couple extra dollars a day may not sound like much, but it quickly adds up.  Imagine having an extra $365.00 a year and giving your body a boost that will pay off as much as the financial savings.


Plan Your Meals

Time can also be at a premium during the holidays. Planning your meals ahead of time can be cost effective and allow you to be efficient with your time. Finding a program such as 21 Day Fix that gives you the outline to plan each meal of your day  creates a healthy nutritional balance while helping you save money on buying excess foods.

Whether you cook for a week in advance or a little extra like I do, pack last nights dinner for tomorrow’s lunch.  I love these bento boxes.  They are great, lightweight, and reusable.

This holiday season, try to think ahead about what you are going to put in your body, and reap the rewards both financially and nutritionally.


Take it a step further and create a stash account and put your savings away.  I also like to use an app called Digit.  Digit is a free savings app.  If you struggle with saving money and have no idea where to start, this is for you. It’s a very safe app. I’ve been using it for a while and with ease I am able to save an extra $100 a month that I would have normally spent.  Digit monitors your spending habits and uses an algorithm to transfer small amounts of money into your separate savings account based upon your behavior.  You link it to your bank account and monitor everything from your cell phone.  You can monitor your daily balance as well as your spending. What’s great is that it tells you what’s available in your account.  The customer service is impeccable.  I really love this app. Click the link to learn more and Start Saving With Digit for free.

Until Next Time,


We’re In The Last Quarter – Are you Still In The Game

Online Wellness With Nicole

Can you believe we are in the last quarter of the year! It is time to do whatever it takes to close out the year STRONG!!

Plant Based Health CoachNicole Nunez (2)We spend the beginning of the year setting goals; and although we may not accomplish all of them, the MOTIVATION and ACTION to get them accomplished is where the lesson is and where the results are formed.

Everything starts with a VISION or your passion, some people call it a BURNING DESIRE.

Remember, you have the power to change your life!   Every day is a new start, a new beginning.  Let’s end the year strong.  You are in control of what happens today.

Start dreaming about a thriving business, healthy, strong, body, and watch it become your reality. I encourage you to revisit your goals, write them down with a due date, tap into the support system, and turn your dreams into your reality.

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