Don’t Wait Until January, Do This Now!!!

Day 12 – 30 Days of Thankfulness

I’m am so glad that I got rid of the excuses, stopped procrastinating and made a decision to make the changes necessary to improve my life.  I had to decide what was truly important.  Why didn’t I think my health was a priority?  Then I learned how to put myself first without feeling guilty.  I’m so glad I did.  There is not a day I regret my decision.  I had to ask myself the real question which wasn’t how much is it going to cost me.  The real question was: HOW MUCH IS IT COSTING ME NOT TO CHANGE MY LIFE?

I want you to ask yourself how much is it costing you to put off your health and wellness goals:  doctor visit co-pays, eating out, that morning coffee that you can make at home, do you go to happy hour, do you drink or smoke, do you have to pay for medications?

These are the things I had to add up and the doctor visits, physical therapy and medications alone were costing me a mini fortune.

Have you ever had the desire to Procrastinate?  Do you put yourself at the bottom of the list when it comes to planning for your family?   Stop putting off today what you can do tomorrow; you will come to realize tomorrow never comes.  Procrastination has been the death of many goals.  This doesn’t have to be your story.  You can get started today.  Wouldn’t it be great to greet the new year 10, 20, 30 pounds lighter?


I’m looking for 10 men & women who need some help with their nutrition & who would like to not only lose pounds & inches before the holidays.  I am hosting a 21 day challenge.  The challenge provides fitness routine, delicious meals and the tools you need to learn that clean eating is NOT rocket science‼

📝Grocery List provided
📝Meal plans for all meals including snacks
📝30min daily workouts
📝Coached virtually by me
📝We start on November 16th
📝Private group access
📝Motivation and  Inspiration
❗Get started today and get the tools necessary to complete the program

🌀 EMAIL me ASAP or MESSAGE me 👇👇 because group will fill up QUICK !!🌀