Lack of Sleep Can Stall Your Weightloss

Sleep is so important; as well as rest days being a part of your workout schedule. Your body needs rest to rebuild and replenish. During our sleeping hours is when the body rejuvenates itself.

I’ve heard people say, “I can sleep when I’m dead” or “I can get by on little to no sleep”.

While you may think that to be true, your body will eventually let you know different.

Pay attention to the signs listed in this article you too may be need of a little  shut eye.

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Until next time, remember It’s your body #OWWN it

TGIF ~ Tip Of The Day

I love sharing easy simple tips that lead to a stable healthy lifestyle.  When we do these little tips more often they have an impact that starts to show up. Its funny because other people may notice the change before you do.

Today’s Tip: Breathe.  I know you’re like I am breathing! I want you to take a minute and do what we call “focused breathing” focus on your breathing.  Many times we go through our day just panting. You need to empty those lungs. It only takes a minute or two. If possible find a nice spot preferably outdoors in a quiet place, if that’s not possible don’t worry, any place will do. I want you to take a deep breath ~ deep enough to allow yourself to release toxins by expanding your lungs.  Breathe to the point your tummy sinks in towards your back.  Inhale …….. and release.

Take a moment to reflect on a very happy time of your life, or something peaceful.  You can close your eyes or not and picture something that brings you joy. Inhale deeply, hold 2 counts and slowly release that breath.  Inhale again deep, deep, deep, hold, hold, hold, release, release, release, release you can even release with a deep aaaahhhhh.  When you release that breath, you can release the stresses of the world which can create toxins in your body.

Stress is the known as the silent killer, it leads to high blood pressure, stroke, and mental instability. Don’t hold it in.

Refresh, Renew, and Release in less than 5 minutes.

Nicole Nunez,

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Nicole's Tip of the day Breathe