Lose 5 Pounds in A Week!!! BACK to the Basics

LOSE 5 POUNDS IN A WEEK!  I have seen this everywhere.  While losing 5 pounds in a week is aggressive and exciting, it is not something that can be maintained long term.  These ads are plastered for you to buy a weight loss product.  What if I told you I can show you how to lose 5 pounds in one week with food, not a weight loss product/supplement?  Would you want to find out how?  Of course.


You see I want to show you how to lose weight and keep it off.  I want you to share it with your friends and family.  My goal is to help 1,000 families to leave a legacy of healthy living and we can do it one pound at a time, reversing one diagnosis at a time.

Weight loss is more than a quick 5 pounds.  Its about developing a healthy relationship with food, knowing your triggers, and how to make educated swaps and changes.  It’s not about deprivation, buying products that when you stop taking them the pounds pack on and bring a few pound friends along.

If you have been following me for a while you know I had a back surgery that failed, well I don’t know if I should say it failed, because after the surgery and still in pain, I was informed that I would need another surgery due to another herniated disc.  Why didn’t they fix it when they went in the first time you’re wondering?  I don’t know why, I keep asking the same question.

But anyway, let me stay on track,  my back problems opened the door to a whole new way of life for me.  After getting tired of medicating the problem not resolving the problem I took my body, my life into my own hands.  I researched, went back to school, and I got healthy.

My body was full of inflammation.  Inflammation comes in different forms.  Have you ever had a migraine headache, allergies, skin breakouts in the form of rashes/hives, high blood pressure, aching joints, or fatigue?  These are all signs of inflammation.   Inflammation can turn into chronic inflammation known as heart disease, diabetes, Rheumatoid arthritis, IBS, MS, cancer and other auto immune diseases.

Well this week I had a flare up in my back and let me tell you the ish was terrible.  I was in so much pain I couldn’t walk.  To be honest although I was in a lot of pain, I welcomed the transition.  I know I sound crazy but hear me out.  It allowed me to go back to the basics.  I may never be completely pain free but my back pain has been a blessing in disguise.  It allows me to help others while helping myself.  It allows me to reflect and be grateful.  It reminds me of how far I’ve come.  It has allowed me to slow down and pay attention.  While resting my back I have had such a productive week.  I have so many goodies coming up I just want to share it all at once.L

What does this have to do with losing 5 pounds in a week, you ask?  Everything.  I want you to go back to the beginning with me.  The beginning when I focused on getting rid of the pain and I got rid of the weight.  What a great side effect right! 🙂  I don’t know how much weight you want to lose, (feel free to share it with me) but I do want to  help you.  I want us to be a team.  I want you to go back to the beginning and let’s walk step by step through this process.  Some people have lost more than five pounds and some people noticed more inches lost either way its a winning situation.

If you want to get the details simply click on the get started now button and next week we will begin.  You will receive tips, motivation, and encouragement along the way.


Overtime you will notice a difference from the inside out.  At one point my heart was functioning at 35%  today I am at 70%.  I can’t guarantee the same results for everyone, but I do know if you are ready, willing and able to follow the plan, do the work and ask questions I’m sure your experience will be very positive.

Disclaimer: I am a certified health coach not a doctor, so do not in anyway take the information I share as medical advice.

Until next time,

Nicole ~ Your LYFE is Beautiful Health Coach

Remember, Its your body OWWN it!

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Why you need to STOP DIETING

I have had my fair share of diets in the past, from cabbage soup to Atkins. I’m not going to say diets don’t work but I am going to say that people look at diets as temporary. They are either getting ready to start a diet or going off a diet. And just like the come and go so do the pounds.

Until I made a serious decision to change my life, then the changes were able to be permanent. Now things are totally different.

I don’t go on diets. I don’t live for cheat days.

I am happy, healthy and full of more energy now than ever before. People can see it and I get questions from people: What size are you? How much weight have you lost? Do you take supplements?

My answers are always the same. I am a size that fits me. I am a healthy weight.  I take a antioxidant multivitamin, and fish oil. I do not take stimulants, or weight loss products.  Nature is my supplement.

The thing is I wanted to do more than lose weight. I had a serious reason well reasons with a capital S… why I wanted to change my life. If you are on a healthy living quest and want to do more than lose weight then stop going on diets. I start my clients with a mental shift here are a few things that you can do today to get started.

  1. Start with Why you want to change your life.
  2. Set realistic goals
  3. Plan a non-food reward
  4. Get an accountability partner.  If you don’t have one I’m available 🙂

believe in yourself

When you look in the mirror what are you saying to yourself?  Don’t believe everything you think about yourself.  When people see you they don’t see you as you do.  Sometimes we can be our worst (inner me) aka enemy/self critic.

Speak positive, motivating words to yourself and be grateful for another day to make changes.

When you start doing this you will notice an internal shift.  I call it transforming from the inside out.  For more transformational tips click here.  If you find any of this beneficial, subscribe.

Share with me your thoughts.  If you would like for me to support you along the way for sustainable, long-term healthy living – that’s great feel free to contact me. Click here to develop your PERSONAL Transformation LYFE is Beautiful Plan today.

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Remember, It’s your body, #owwn it with Online Wellness With Nicole

Lack of Sleep Can Stall Your Weightloss

Sleep is so important; as well as rest days being a part of your workout schedule. Your body needs rest to rebuild and replenish. During our sleeping hours is when the body rejuvenates itself.

I’ve heard people say, “I can sleep when I’m dead” or “I can get by on little to no sleep”.

While you may think that to be true, your body will eventually let you know different.

Pay attention to the signs listed in this article you too may be need of a little  shut eye.

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Until next time, remember It’s your body #OWWN it

Oh you can eat this…

Okay today is Day 2 of the Clean Eating Challenge.  Let’s talk about this for a second.  Clean eating is not about deprivation or perfection.  Its about replacing processed foods with whole foods.  We do this by reading ingredient labels and making sure what we eat comes from sources as close to nature as possible.  So when you think oh no I can’t have my pasta, my sugary drinks or my snacks; change your thinking to oh I can’t have my chemical laden snacks that pack on the pounds with all the preservatives and additives.

Have you seen someone that goes to a weight loss program and doesn’t have huge success in their weight loss efforts.  Probably because they hit the freezer section for their meals.  Those prepackaged foods have a lot of preservatives in them.  Eating fresh is best.  I like to count colors not calories and points.  The more colors the better.

you are what you eat

Let’s change our mindset and our taste buds and teach them to be more open, receptive and patient.  Remember planning is great but not always a possibility.  I always tell myself the drive thru is not for you.  I tell my clients if they have to get a bite while out, try to go to a grocery store with a deli counter.  But go through the produce section, that should be your first choice.  At the counter stay away from processed deli meats, fried foods.  Choose grilled or rotisserie.  They have wraps at the deli section too choose whole grains not enriched wheat there is a difference.

Here are a few snack ideas to keep you on track during your transformation.

Open face nut butter sandwich with banana slices on top

3 cups of air popped pop corn instead of butter oil try jalapeños, sprinkle cayenne pepper on top or if you have a sweet tooth sprinkle on some cinnamon

Banana Berry Smoothie – 1/2 banana, 1/4 cup of frozen berries, 1/2 cup of almond milk add ice and a little more water depending on how you like consistency blend and enjoy.

Pick one simple habit like drinking a

Grilled chicken wrap with veggies

apples and nut butter or greek yogurt

12 almonds

Boiled eggs

carrot, cucumbers or celery sticks with salsa, or hummus, or 2 TBSP of guacamole.

I hope these are enough to get you started.  Enjoy Day 2.

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Nicole – Its your body, #OWWN it


Lose Weight With This Fat Burning Fruit

We are getting ready for a Clean Eating Challenge this month where I will share tips that helped me to lose weight without exercising.  Now don’t get me wrong I love exercising but there was a time when I could barely move and I knew I had to transform my body from the inside out. Click here to take part in the Challenge.   This month I will be sharing small sustainable tips that can help you not just temporarily lose weight but to keep the weight off.  Besides when you lose something you usually go back and look for it and we are not trying to look for the weight we lost we want to get rid of it 😉  We will be eating more fruits and vegetables of course along with other delicious foods.  Here is one of my favorite fruits that helps to keep off the pounds.

Cherries always remind me of being a kid.  I remember climbing in our neighbors tress and picking cherries.  Oh my goodness they taste so delicious.  I remember it like yesterday.  Spring time is a great time to enjoy some delicious cherries.  We just ate them because they were good not realizing how good they are for you.

Did you know a cup of cherries are less than 100 calories and packed with 3 grams of fiber.  You can cook with cherries, eat them as they are, or juice them. Cherries are low on the glycemic index with a score of 22.   Here are a few benefits you can reap when eating cherries:

Cherries automatically make you slow down and enjoy them because you don’t want to swallow the pit.  Yes slowing down to actually chew and taste your food helps you to lose weight.

Cherries are a great anti-inflammatory food, they help fight free radical cells, help you to sleep better, they are good for your eyes and much more.

Benefits of Cherries

Choose your snacks wisely and Remember, you are what you eat.

Until next time,

Nicole – It’s Your Body, #OWWN it! #OnlineWellnessWithNicole

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Up For A Challenge

One of my favorite forms of exercise, Walking.  Let’s have some fun and get out and walk together.  I usually go for a walk every day, but lately I haven’t.  .  I can blame the weather, or no time, or the fact that I started going to a gym, but what good would that do?  Yesterday is gone.   If you’re like me and you have a regular routine, add walking into your schedule.  I’ve been doing other forms of exercise but I really miss walking.  Walking is my moving meditation.  I would love for you to join me and lace up those shoes.  My goal is to walk 50 miles over the next month.  I lost my fitbit, so I will be using an app called Runkeeper.  If you have it, you can find me under Nicole Nunez.  If you can’t find me let me know and I’ll find you 🙂 You can easily squeeze a walk in on your 10,15 minute breaks, and during your lunch.  Remember to track your movement even if its around the house, because every step adds up.

l love free

Because I like free things, I’m going to have a give-away. There were two ways to win:
1) Share, TWEET, Like, or Comment on each of our OWWN Walking Challenge Facebook posts to be entered into a raffle to win one of  our programs.   Each “like,” “Share,” or “Comment” = 1 entry.

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If you want to join in on the walking fun, friend me on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram, and during the walk challenge be sure to send status updates, tweets, and images regarding your experience, using the following hashtag: #OWWN #WALKCHALLENGE