Are You Consistent Enough

Day 9 – 30 of Thankfulness I’m glad I made a commitment to myself and my family to take care of myself everyday so I can take care of them. This commitment has trained my mind to get up with a positive mind, to exercise and to eat foods that fuel my body.

How committed are you to your goals? You said you want certain outcomes,  you have dreams, but what are you doing to achieve them?

Commit to being consistent. Start with something easy.  If eating healthy is your goal, start incorporating a green smoothie or a meal replacement beverage into your day. If you don’t like those eat a salad with lunch and dinner.

Get up and move a few extra minutes a day. I had a client (who is a nurse) tell me she gets plenty of exercise, because she walks 5 miles a day at work. What she doesn’t realize is that her body is used to that and it has become comfortable. She needs to do something extra like 10 minutes of H.I.I.T. moves, or an extra mile with intensity.


Small changes over time will yield you big results. You don’t have to try everything at once.  Cold turkey can be overwhelming and set you up for failure.

Commit to staying away from fast food, whether you walk in or drive. I always tell my clients, if it’s from a drive-thru, it’s not for you.


Write down a few things you can change. Post it up where you can see it. Finally, take action.

Nicole , your healthy transition partner

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I look forward to your success


Natural is the buzz these days. Natural hair, eat natural products, and my favorite going for a walk, run, jog or hike in a natural environment.

Going for a walk in natural environments are very healing/soothing. Whether at a park or nature trail a nature walk is a great full body exercise for the body, mind and the soul.


  1. Walking helps to:
  2. Decrease Stress
  3. Boost your mood
  4. Spark your creativity
  5. Helps you to sleep better
  6. Speed up your metabolism

If you find yourself eating because you need a mood change ask yourself are you ~  Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired or just plain bored?

halt owwn

Going for a 20 minute plus walk may be the change you need that can help.  Instead of mindlessly eating, go for a walk and walk off the pounds.  If you find that you are hungry, then enjoy a plant based food selection before you give in to a craving that you will soon regret.

A plant based lifestyle (not vegan) will allow your body to tap into it’s natural resources giving you what your body needs, naturally. Increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables will help to reduce inflammation such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.  A major benefit of eating nutrient dense foods is you will be provided nutrients that will help the body to enter into an alkaline state and promote self-healing.

When you were a child if you fell and scraped your knee, your body would grow a scab to protect the skin while it healed itself.  No one told your body to develop a scab, it did it naturally; similar to plants, when parts of plants break off they reproduce/regenerate that broken piece.

If we would get back to nature we will find that we can help our bodies naturally without synthetic drugs, or over-eating. 

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It’s Your Body, OWWN it


I know you had some ~ if not you should

Now you know the one of the best things about spring and summer is WATERMELON.

little girl with watermelon

How do you feel, when you get the right one. The one with just the right amount of sweetness, because it was perfectly kissed by the sun; with the juices running down you have your own piece of heaven. LOL
Watermelon has some amazing health benefits.


Watermelon is so great for the body especially flushing the kidneys. Try this awesome drink:
4 cups of watermelon
2 cups of water
Juice of a lemon
Juice of a lime
3-5 Mint leaves
Raw honey or steavia to sweeten
Add ice to add extra chill. Blend together (strain if desired) and enjoy

I found a recipe for Watermelon Rind Pickles I have to try. Did you know the rind containing amazing nutrients, unavailable in most fruits, Watermelon rinds are high in L-citruline, which is an amino acid that helps to dilate blood vessels and improve blood circulation. You can easily blend the rind and add to the Watermelon flush recipe above or make Rind Pickles.

watermelon_rind pickles

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Watch “Orange is the New Fit! Episode 2 – Guilty as Charged” on YouTube

I am so excited to have been chosen to take part in Tiffany Rothe’s new fitness video series.  If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I stumbled upon Tiffany’s workouts when I was at my worst.  I found her workouts after a failed back surgery. I could barely stand and would do them sitting down.  I had a desire to change and determination.  I created  my own meal plans that helped me lose over 50 pounds. 70 pounds later, I became a certified integrative nutrition health coach. Now I show, help and motivate others to make a transformation in their lives.  Because one plan doesn’t work for everyone, I have studied over 100 eating modalities, as well as becoming a detox specialist.

What you eat is 80% of your healthy lifestyle equation.  Whether you are trying to lose weight,  sustain your weight,  or eliminate a challenging health condition.  Fitness is 10% and hormones/genes are the other 10%.

Find a fitness routine that keeps you engaged, and rotates your level of fitness.  Don’t give up.  Find a partner, and make it fun.  Give Tiffany’s workouts a try she includes all of the above.

Watch the video and guess which one is me and comment below.

No Bake Power Packing Protein Treat

The Perfect Snack for Energy, Vitality, and Weight Loss

Want a snack that’s not only healthy, but tasty and full of nutrition? One that will maybe even help you to whittle your waistline? All with no stove involved….

Introducing…. The Power Ball!

These bite-size snacks are the perfect way to enjoy something yummy while also packing a whopping nutritional punch.

Power Packing Protein Balls Recipe

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Once everything is mixed together, roll into balls and place on a lined baking sheet. I like to roll in unsweetened coconut flakes before I place them in the refrigerator. The coconut flakes are totally optional.
Place the baking sheet in the fridge for 30 minutes or so. Once the balls are cold you can place them in an airtight container where they should be eaten within 72 hours.
You can use any kind of protein powder for these balls, but I highly recommend giving hemp protein powder a try. Living Harvest and Nutiva are two great brands of unrefined, pure hemp protein.

This protein ball has a lot of healthy ingredients. In one serving, you’re getting:
• Antioxidants from raw cacao
• Omega-3s from flax seeds
• Magnesium for muscle relaxation from sunflower seeds
• Anti-parasitic and anti-viral properties of shredded coconut
• Metabolic boost from coconut oil

Try whipping up this tasty treat to satisfy your taste buds AND provide a whopping nutritive punch!
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Easy Tricks to Rev Up Your Metabolism

snail pace

courtesy of

If your metabolism has entered into the snail zone don’t worry.  There are a few easy ways to get your metabolism moving.

Tip 1 – Leave Your Diet Mentality at the Door.  When people go on a diet, they plan to go off a diet.  Going off the diet leads to weight gain, sometimes more than you lost.  This is a big mistake for a lot of people they spend all day thinking about what they can’t eat and we all know what you focus on expands.  When I started losing weight believe it or not, I didn’t focus on weight loss.  That’s right.  I focused on a permanent lifestyle change.  You have to change your mindset.  Why do you want to lose weight?  It should be more than to fit in a pair of jeans.  Attach your goal to a life changing result, such as: I want to reverse my diabetes, or heart disease.  I want to alleviate pain and dis-ease (disease) in my body.  I want to play with my children without feeling exhausted.  I want to remove stress. 

Start thinking about all the delicious healthy replacement foods you can enjoy.   Try Kale chips instead of potato chips.  Try making your own salad dressings, instead of store bought.  Get in the habit of grilling, sautéing, roasting instead of frying.  Get creative.

Tip 2 – Drink More Water.  We’ve all heard it before.  Start your morning with a nice room temperature glass of lemon water.  If you can’t stand lemon water feel free to add a teaspoon or two of apple cider vinegar to your glass.  If both of those are not an option plain water will do.  Have a glass of water next to your bed and drink it when you wake up.  Morning breath and all, okay you can brush your teeth.  But drinking water in the morning helps your body to break the night time fast, as well as gives the kidneys, adrenals, and liver a chance to flush.  Drinking too much coffee first thing in the morning can cause the body to increase cortisol levels leading to belly fat.

Tip 3 – Eat More to Weigh Less.  Eat several times a day and eat more fruits and vegetables throughout the day.  Stock up on fruits and vegetable and carry them as snacks.  Raw seeds and nuts are great on the go snacks too.  Let your salad or vegetables cover half your plate.  When you do this you will find you don’t have to count calories, count colors.

To really rev up your metabolism eat every 3 hours, meaning breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner snack.  Try to have a green smoothie for breakfast or as a snack, as well as eat a salad or sautéed vegetable with your lunch and dinner.  The body works hard to break down these raw vegetables which helps to raise your body’s metabolism.  Along with boosting the metabolism, the vegetables are natural detoxifiers that will help your body process the other non vegetable food items.  Because fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water and fiber you will help your digestive system.  Going longer than 4 hours between meals slows down the metabolism.  Your body will start to store food because it doesn’t know when the next meal is coming.  So eat smart, and eat often.

Tip 4 –  Small Changes Lead to Big Results Over Time – Don’t try to change too much too fast.  If your healthy lifestyle becomes a chore or something you dread you will likely fall off track.  Keep it simple, easy and attainable. Try to make small changes like the ones listed above and once you can do those easily add another.

Tip 5 – Get Up And Move – Whether you’re a stay at home person or a full time employee/business owner.  It is easy to get caught up sitting in front of a computer.  If you get up and move every 1 to 2  body will thank you.  Go for a walk on your break, walk a message to your coworker instead of sending an email,  go to the bathroom or a private space and do short burst of high intensity interval training exercises like 10 jumping jacks, squats, high knees, touch your toes, leg lifts under your desk.  You get the idea, simple small movements throughout the day can add up.  There are so many fitness routines available on the internet, but walking is a great place to start if you haven’t been moving in a while.  I don’t recommend starting with Beach Body or Tae Bow work your way up to those.

health relationship

There are many fitness and eating plans out there, find what works for you.  Going raw overnight may work for some and not for others.  You may find you need a meat source and being vegan isn’t for you.  I incorporated a little bit of a lot of good things and lost over 60 pounds and you can too.  The main thing is to make choices that will take you in the direction of your goals.

Stay focused, Stay well, Stay connected.


Your Certified Holistic Health Coach